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Website Development

website development

The Best Website Development Company – Cloudpeermedia Technologies

CloudPeer Media Technologies wears many hats. Now, it has also grown into a website development company. The CloudPeer Media team builds smooth functioning websites from scratch. We weave intricate engineering behind beautiful websites and make them work. Our programming and coding is top notch and keeps growing every day.

We are super comfortable with all web platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Out technical minds are well versed in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and more.

Though we are a website development company in Chennai, we are happy to provide our professional services to anybody from this wide world. Your search for a logical, analytical, sequential and technical Website Development Company in Chennai ends here!

A Peek into our Web Development Process!

    Planning (Analysis): We understand your needs first. We carefully gather your expectations.

    Web Page (Design): Our design team steps in here. We plan the layout and finalize the design. The look of your website is born.

    Web Development (Functions and Features): Our developers snatch your website here. They implement features and develop the coding framework behind the design.

    Testing (Bug Fixing): The team then carefully evaluates how the site scores. They look for any flaws and fix it.

    Final Stage (Handover): Your elegant, intuitive and responsive site is live now. We shake hands with you and fulfill our duties as a Website Development Company in Chennai.

    Maintenance: Our team nurtures their past websites with routine maintenance and fixes.

website development company in Chennai

website development

Responsive Website Development

An average smartphone user checks his device 150 times a day! That is why we emphasize on your website being responsive.
A good Website Development Company in Chennai should make all its websites ‘respond’ to any device. The attractiveness, the beauty, the style and the usability of a website should remain the same across various screen sizes. Proper responsive website development needs an extensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, the latest development standards. Hey, those are our expertise!
CloudPeer Media Technologies engineers your websites so fluid and flexible that they splash across screens with the same merry and joy!

We specialize in Website Development!

We specialize in Website Development in Chennai! CloudPeer Media offers a variety of services to keep your websites running smoothly. We stand in back up for your vision and grow your dream in the online world. We provide all the resources necessary for you to firmly foot yourself here and reach millions of hearts and minds. We are totally equipped to professionally develop the following for you:
  • Business Websites
  • Blog or Personal Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Job Board Websites
  • Question and Answer Websites.
  • Business and Other Directories
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Coupon/Auction Websites.
  • Online Communities Websites
  • Knowledge Base/Wiki Websites

Technologies We use for Website Development