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CloudPeer Media Technologies has brilliant team of tech professionals to accomplish the goals and to provide custom solutions.

Desktop Development Technologies

Our platform relies on C#, and other microsoft technologies. Our team is well expert in developing applications using ADO , IIS and other related microsoft technologies.
We do also handle custom application development using C++, MFC, STL, and ATL. We have related field working experience in the field of developing applications with various domains like trading, multimedia, etc...

Web Development

Our web developers make use of PHP programming platform to create web contents for dynamic interaction.
CloudPeer Media Technologies mainly concentrates on and other related Microsoft technologies as we have well experienced expert and strong development team.
CloudPeer Media Technologies uses wordpress, joomla ,and other open source tools to develop the valuable CMS based solutions.
HTML, which is been till now as the standard markup language for creating web pages, CloudPeer Media Technologies has chosen it as the most preferred and proven practices for web designing and web development.
Social networking is popularly bloomed with massive traffic generators. Because of its massive popularity and easy approach, it acts as a lucrative platform to business promoters for advertising their products & services in order to get divert traffics to their sites.

Social media integrated applications naturally help you to hold with the target audience and with no doubtful, can turn them as your customers and add value to your business organization.
Open source means the source code developed will be available at free of cost. Generally, open source is a computer program where the source code is open to the public for utilize or modification from its original design.

Open-source code is typically created as a collaborative effort so that the programmers can improve upon their code experience and share their changes within the community.
Payment gateway integration is providing one or more payment options for the users to buy any product or their desired products. In today’s fast world, online transaction are meant core to the e-Commerce solutions.

Of course, CloudPeer Media Technologies already started to afford the payment gateway integration services to our customers.