Microsoft vs Sony in the E3


Microsoft vs Sony in the E3

E3 is something gamers look forward to with utmost eager. It is where all the details about upcoming games are announced from the game developers. In this article we are solely focusing on the rivalry between two consoles, or rather two companies, PS4 and Xbox. They belong to Sony and Microsoft namely.

Microsoft held their E3 at Microsoft’s Galen Centre with massive screens, spotlights and speakers. Whereas Sony organised their event at a stately theatre, the Shrine. They even booked an orchestra for musical entertainment for the audience. This debate is not about which console is the best but more likely about which company caught the news headlines and announced new trailers was more entertaining.

At its annual E3 announcement, Microsoft brought out the release of two new consoles which is big news. Compared to games, the launch of new product is always more excitement. Two consoles is lot of news publicity too. Microsoft launched a slimmer version of Xbox One which supports 4K video quality and has 2 TB hard drive. Microsoft also teased about its new next gen console project, the Scorpio, which also got positive reviews from the critics as the next big thing in game industry.

Project Scorpio is way advanced than Xbox One S, so the existing users of Xbox will just wait out till the launch of project Scorpio which may be released by next year. According to the tech specs the price of both Xbox One S and project Scorpio will be around $300.

With the announcement of two new consoles, Microsoft has shown how desperate it is for a success. Along with these two, Microsoft also introduced the Club in Xbox One. E3, in general, is about games, in which Microsoft has let its users down. Sony has proved it’s supremacy in this department.

Sony opened its E3 with the launch of God of War trailer which was brutal and intense and got the expected outcome from the audience. The cheers and electricity that was present during the launch of God of War trailer was not present in the whole E3 for Microsoft.

Moreover Sony has lined up this E3 with Hideo Kojima. He is working with Sony for exclusively for the Post-Konami project for games like the Last Guardian, which is the successor of Shadow of Colossus from PS2.

Compared to Sony, Microsoft realised a lot of good ideas with Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Gears of War 4 demo which all looked great, but nothing is new in all these launches. That is where things went wrong for Microsoft. There is no fresh and new concept.

Instead of going for franchise like Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2 and Gear of wars 4 Sony has birthed new worlds and gave new territories like Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human which thrill users with adrenaline pumping addicting highs, instead of the same old boring stuff. More importantly, the announcement of God of War, which is not a sequel but more likely a reboot in the series, has made the event more exciting than the Microsoft line-up.

By this we can deduce that this E3 is a clear success for Sony because they have achieved what they wanted with all the announcement, making fans excited, which Microsoft failed to do.

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  • 28 Jun, 2016
  • Adarsh Johny
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