Content Marketing Trends in Chennai for 2016

Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends in Chennai for 2016

2016 has bloomed well. The year is rolling by with new creative improvements birthing every moment. Hundreds of businesses are born, some have found the treasure. Some are just about to enter the new unexplored online world. Everybody says content is the king. So here we present out Content Marketing trends in Chennai for 2016 as a cheat sheet to preview what it’s going to be like, the rest of the year.

AIs or Humans?

Chennai could slowly shift to Artificial Intelligence for content generation by the end of the year, predict experts. It could be a game changer! If you’d love content from true mortals beings, click here.

Instant Recognition

Publishers might get instant responses to their works when posted on Facebook rather than their own native platforms. Keep a sharp eye out on your Facebook followers. Befriend this page for sure!

Fringes are now Mainstream

Written content used to rule solely solemnly. But Content Marketing Trends in Chennai has now provided the stage for side platforms like Instagram and snapchat to publish content. Image publications are gaining more importance in 2016.

Real Time Aggregated Content

Huge publishing houses are now in tight competition. Real time content aggregation is getting easier and more popular by the day. Curated contents are welcomed.

Mixing SEO

Analytics, UX, SMM and SEO in the perfect proportions are the only thing you need to get huge. Rich rewards are waiting for this practice. We can help you analyze your site for the best proportions.

Paid Advertising

Social platforms are no longer pushing organic content. They are aggressively promoting advertising on their platforms. You can take advantage of paid advertising on social media as the reach is only going to get bigger and better this year.

From ‘Me’ to ‘You’

Personalized messages are becoming the focus of Content Marketing Trends in Chennai this year. Global internet speed grew by 17% last year, which means slow connections will soon be no more. You can personalize and beautify your site as much as you want.

Mobile Marketing

Every year, smart devices occupy a very important place in Content Marketing Trends in Chennai. This is year is no different – in fact, expect it to only get even bigger.


Facebook introduced 360 degrees video. YouTube too supports it. Virtual reality has opened up a new realm of unknown possibilities with which you can spread your brands.

The Knowledge Graph

Google has introduced the knowledge graph and it is changing the way we get results for our searches. Long tail keywords are more important this year for queries. Concepts revolving around the knowledge graph are going to be at new heights this year.

Visuals to Attract

The attention span of users is getting decreased – visual medium will help you in better engagement with visitors. GIFs might skyrocket in 2016.

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